Photoshop! =D

Hey-ho-hello! Okay, I couldn't think of what to say or talk about so, I thought of showing off my Photoshop 'skills'!

Well, it's not THAT good like how my friends do it but, I tried :) Anyways, my header is one of it up there *points up*

There's the other one on the top right directly below the header *points to the right* As for the rest, here they are =>
This was for my assignment & I'm quite content with it
While this one is for those who don't know my new blog URL ^^

Haha. I'm so bad xP So yeah. Err. Nothing much here so if I've finally thought of what to type about, there shall be a new post ;]

Goodnight, fuckin' Malaysia & hello to the imagination of my dreams~

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