Sometimes, Hate Is All That You Can Show

My week's been extremely hectic & nothing fun happened so far which is a total bummer for me so boohoo.

A certain someone got pissed at me for what I did & I found out through.. somewhere.

One of my assignments is to design a web of my own IN DETAIL which I have no idea how to do, not even a tiny bit (much to my disappointment) .

I've been trying to do the header but total epic fail thanks to myself for being late for that class where the lecturer taught us how to do it.

I'm trying not to give up & was thinking of getting some help from whoever that's available tomorrow, hopefully.

Some dude just texted me & here's the convo so far =>

DR_"_RAJ - Hi. May I get some kind of intro from you?
Me - =.= Who the hell are you?
DR_"_RAJ - I'm Raj. Can I get to know you?
Me - Fuck you. Go get a life. It seems like you don't have one since you text to random numbers just to get laid, I presume? Thank you :) Now go fuck off.
DR_"_RAJ - How can I fuck off? ........ (something about prime fuck?) ........
Me - Ahahahahaha! What a loser :D
DR_"_RAJ - Oh! Like that! What's your name?
Me - Why must you know? Do you get any benefit from knowing it?
DR_"_RAJ - Ha3! Yup!
*doesn't reply & probably around 15-20 minutes later*
DR_"_RAJ - Tell the name please?

I still didn't reply & kept wondering in my head "How & where in the hell did this psychopath get my number? Why so desperate?".

Anyways, right now I'm just hungry like fucking hell so I can't wait to eat my awfully late dinner at God knows what time.

I drew something yesterday & decided to shade it in today which looks nice & depressing but a little bit too plain.

Wanted to Bluetooth it to my laptop but I don't know what's wrong with my God forsaken laptop's Bluetooth adapter.

I shut it down, turned it on a couple of times, did the same procedure with my phone & get no improvement nor response whatsoever.

Ugh. Also, I was SO pissed with a certain someone's situation that the next day, I decided to take a 'lovely' photo of myself :) =>
Nice kan? Anyways, I shall stop here, get out of the virtual world & get back to reality. Goodnight, fuckin' Malaysia!

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